The mission of the University of British Columbia's Centre for Microbial Diversity and Evolution (CMDE) is to advance our understanding of living systems by supporting basic research into fundamental questions about the diversity, interrelationships and evolutionary histories of microbial life forms. The CMDE promotes broad-scale comparative approaches that integrate exploratory and hypothesis-driven research on bacteria, archaeans, eukaryotes and viruses. The training of research personnel in the CMDE must reflect high standards of excellence and will incorporate one or several of the following themes: molecular evolution, comparative genomics, phylogenetics, evolutionary morphology, systematics, metagenomics and ecosystem function.

The CMDE was established with a founding donation from the Tula Foundation, which continues to sustain the training and networking activities of the CMDE through ongoing support for postdocs, students, and interactions. More information on the Tula Foundation and its active role in biodiversity research in BC through the Hakai Beach Institute can be found at Tula.org, and Hakai.org.

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