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October 2013
The Keeling lab's microbe-based art exhibition, Invisible Portraits, in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum is featured on CityTV's Breakfast Television.

October 2013
Curtis Suttle, UBC Science’s associate dean, Research and Graduate Studies, is being recognized for his pioneering work in marine virology with the G. Evelyn Hutchinson award.
Link: UBC Public Affairs

February 2012 - American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference, Vancouver, BC
Curtis Suttle and Patrick Keeling presented panels at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Suttle’s presentation explored the exploding estimates of genetic diversity in the sea, and Keeling discussed bringing molecular and genomic data to the uncultivable masses.
Curtis Suttle on AAAS
Patrick Keeling on AAAS

November 2011
Patrick Keeling was elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiologists, and was among seven UBC professors inducted as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Canada, awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the sciences, social sciences and the arts and humanities.
Link: UBC Public Affairs

September 2011
William Mohn and Steven Hallam received $7.8 million in funding from Genome Canada and Genome BC to explore new ways to manage forest biomass, a potential source of biofuels, feedstocks and other products such as resins and carbon fibres. The project will study the microorganisms found in soil that naturally degrade biomass in an effort to develop better forest management practices and innovative new products.
Link: UBC Public Affairs

July 2011
Curtis Suttle’s involvement in the search for potential clues to life on Mars in the waters of Cariboo Lake was reported in The Vancouver Sun: PDF

April 2011
Patrick Keeling was honored with the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in molecular and cellular biology, for his research on the role of coral reefs in apicomplexan parasite origins.
Link: UBC Faculty of Science

March 2011
Patrick Keeling’s discovery of the tiny parasite, microsporidia, that’s decimating bee populations, received excellent coverage from Fox News.
Link: FoxNews.com

February 2011
Published in the journal Nature Communications, Patrick Keeling’s portrait of the microscopic dinoflagellate Oxyrrhis marina reveals a predator so efficient that it has even acquired a gene from its prey.
Link: UBC Public Affairs

October 2010
An article in The Economist investigated the discovery of Cafeteria roenbergensis virus, or CroV, by Curtis Suttle and his team.
Link: Economist.com

October 2009
The research led by Steven Hallam, a primary investigator in the CMDE, was the subject of much media attention. The many news articles included:
CBC: Dead-zone Microbe Measures Ocean Health
Science Daily: Genome Of Microbe Silently Shaping Ecology Of Ocean Dead Zones Described

Headwaters to Deepwaters II Conference
    The Headwaters to Deepwaters II conference will be held from November 7-9, 2008. Sponsored in part by the CMDE, the conference will focus on the ecological health of the Saanich Inlet. Its purpose is
  • To celebrate the Saanich Inlet and its importance to this region;
  • To establish a suite of ecosystem indicators that can measure and track the health of this important ecosystem; and
  • To encourage effective stewardship of the Saanich Inlet watershed.
    This conference will be of interest to all who care about the Saanich Inlet and its watershed, including scientists and researchers; students (school and post-secondary); local governments and senior governments (elected and staff); stewardship and community groups; First Nations; artists; local businesses and area residents.

Richard Dawkins speaks at UBC
    The Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Arts and the CMDE co-hosted a talk by Richard Dawkins at UBC. The talk was on April 29th in the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, on the UBC Point Grey campus.

Article in Science Magazine Online
    Dr. Patrick Keeling's research on the chloroplast genome in protozoa was the subject of a Science Magazine daily news article on December 21st, 2006. View the full article on the Science Magazine website.

UBC Receives $7M to Study the Evolution of Microbial Diversity
    View full article from UBC Public Affairs.

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